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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sugar Sherbet Snowfall

11 " x 14"  watercolor      $100.00

Some time ago I had seen the sun shining through the evening clouds with the brushy limbs and the ancient  tree stumps at the bottom of the trunks and always thought I should paint that scene.  When my students wanted to learn snow, I remembered the scene and thought, why paint blue snow?  Let's get creative.  I had so much fun planning this peaceful painting.  I let the spirit of the painting come through, and challenged and delighted myself.  Notice the repetition of shapes and colors.  What would we do without repetition?  Just think of our cells, the grass, bricks and hair.  How about learning?  Repetition is sooo important.

1 comment:

Johanna Cellucci said...

I must agree that you are very creative...very nice colors used here.