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Friday, March 28, 2014

Big Gulper and Little Yellow Fish

16" x 20"  fabric collage on canvas   $250.00 framed

This fishy creation can be seen at Dale St. Cafe in Colorado Spring, CO. After making several banners for donations with cloth and fabric paint, these fabrics just tugged at my heart.  It is not a fine art painting, but rather a curious underwater scene crafted with various prints and colors. shapes and sizes glued onto the canvas side by side.  After the glue dried, I added gold fabric paint with a fine pointed tube attached.  That covered all the edges and further secured the fabric.  It is covered with glass to keep it clean, then and framed and hung.  I was so intent cutting and pasting while making it, and found later it had only taken 2 hours to create sans paint or frame.

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Johanna Cellucci said...

Thought I'd stop by the blogs, which I don't often look at since most of it is shared to FB. But, I'd like to leave a comment here. This fabric creation is so colorful and beautiful to behold!