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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glass ornaments, Christmas, Holiday season, Hand painted, Birds and Bunnies

3" round glass balls   acrylic   $30 each or 4 for $120.00

To my dear loved ones.

Our favorite holiday is tomorrow!  Over and over we thank God for our beautiful family and friends.  We thank Him for their smiles that warm our hearts, for their eyes that sparkle with health, for their goodness to others, their gentleness and kindness, and for their listening.  They are like a soothing rain on my soul, and sunshine on our backs.  They are like rainbows that color our lands.  These are our treasures.

I made these pretty one of a kind painted acrylic on glass, sparkly Christmas balls with you in mind. Bunnies and birds to bring you cheer and let you know Christ's Day is near!   
Green, white, gold, red brown, black.

You can purchase these ornaments directly from me, or at Arati Gallery in Old Colorado City or you can Email me at or go to  I will pack them in rafia and send them in a lovely gift box. They are $30.00 each, plus postage. If you want to pick them up from me let me know.  Maybe you have an idea for colors you like. I can change the colors.
 I wil be making more.

Monday, November 18, 2013


22" x 28"  watercolor   framed   $1250.00.  Finished frame is 35" x 31"  Free Shipping

Hi my cute elves, 
Since it it is almost Christmas, I thought I would write to all of you who are puzzled about what gift to get your loved ones. 
 Did you know that this painting would be perfect for a den or dining room in a log cabin or in a modern green white and turquoise bedroom like mine?    This color scheme is already developed for you.
Just say the word and you can pay by pay pal and I will happily get it beautifully wrapped up in a sturdy box, complete with  padding and sen it to you. I had so much fun putting in all the little surprise puzzle doodles just for you and I know you will love them too.  This painting will be hanging at Cottonwood Gallery in Colorado Springs through January.
What are you waiting for?  
I can also have prints made for you. 
 email me about size  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wooly Face

7.25" x 10.75"    watercolor    $125.00

Dear lambs,

My sheep know My voice.....knowledge puffs up but love builds up......He leads me in green pastures.....

We wander, we get ourselves in ruts and guess who gets us out of the ruts?  He moves us to a part of the pasture where there are lots of good things to eat.  I know who he is, because he has always been my shepherd.  Because of Him  I sleep in peace.  I am one of His many lambs and my Father loves me best!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Cleansing Wave Froth

18 x 24"  acrylic on deep canvas   $350.00  sea

Hi everyone!  Do you enjoy the sea?  The sound of the crashing waves, the roll back and wet sandy beach, the feeling of salt spray on your body?
This is a very spiritual, cleansing painting.  A bit abstract, a bit contemporary.  

Every drop, every splashy frothy blast of sea foam comes down in seconds.
Beady eyed crabs, mussels,  and tiny crustaceans grab on tight to their rock of choice.  
Water is powerful.  Water is the sign  of the holy spirit at baptism. We die to ourselves and become clean of heart and Jesus' child forever.
We experience this tumultuous life at times, forgetting that it is okay to let go and let the waves wash us again, bury us and let us float, sputtering to the top with a new life and forgiveness, joy, and grace.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Water Lily Pond

11" x 13.5"   watercolor  $160.00 buy it now  price    unframed free shipping  

Hi all my peeps who are running around like little chicks getting ready for the holiday season.  You can purchase this painting and give it to your mom or your best friend.  Just comment with the word "SOLD" and pay with Pay Pa and I will carefully wrap it and send it to you. 

Oh the night time sparkles with the moon shining down on the water lilies like jewels on black velvet.
Our eyes do not adjust quickly in the dark, but what we see is mystical.  You can see that the NATURALLY YOU can also shine like a star.