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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Apricot Sherbet Clouds"

5/17/11"        11 x 14         mixed media on w/c paper        $150.00          matted

I don't know much about why clouds are what they are, or about atmosphere, or weather or light or the lack thereof. I just know that they change constantly and I love their beauty. 

‎"Walter's Buffet"

w/c on 140 lb Arches paper      5/15/11          7.5 x 11  $55.00

Interesting liquor bottles displayed on a beautiful inlaid wooden console with a hanging tapestry and sunlight streaming through the windows.  Walter's house was beautiful with Italianate furnishings and lovely light.

"Milkweed Podcast"

acrylic and pen and ink on w/c paper    5/13/11      5 x 7        $35.00

 This dried milkweed pod is shouting to the world that it is a sunny fall day. It has character and caligraphy. .

"Tomato Notes"

 6 x 6 watercolor on 140 lb Arches paper   $55.00 unframed

 Yesterday, I judged some grade school paintings 1st - 8th. They were all so wonderful and I had a difficult time choosing. There were obvious pieces that I thought were more well constructed, but there were some that were simply personality. That is what I decided my tomatoes were. Personality! They reminded me of musical notes with their angular stems and bright color.


11.5 x 5.5 w/c on 140 lb w/c paper  $45.00

 Just feeling a little sheepish today! Must be the wet weather. They need a brolly!

"Climbing Up"

5/10/11 5.5 x 15 watercolor on 140 lb arches paper $55.00

In Colorado Springs, there are so many places to explore, photograph and paint. My rendition of the Garden of the Gods, is steep. I have witnessed people riding their bikes in and around the rockyness of this place. I have trouble keeping my two feet from stumbling.

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Mommie and Daughter"

w/c on 140 lb Fabriano paper   9 x 12   5/7/11   private  collection
prints available  $45.00

A mommie with golden curly hair and a child with shiny dark hair  embracing and hugging.   In life, time goes by quickly. These moments can never be retrieved, but they can be recorded. 
Hug your children.  Give them positive vibes.  Create a safe environment for them. 

‎ "Miguel"

w/c on 140 lb Fabriano paper 7 x 10     5/11    $55.00

Standing in a restaurant with the lights on the ceiling Miguel explained his dilemma passionatelyto his friends. He was so handsome with his dark wavy hair and olive skin.

"Skimming the Waters"

  w/c on 140 lb Fabriano paper    5/4/11   21" x 29"   $1250.00 framed

Skimming the Waters" from the 2009 CS ballon fest, Colorado Springs, Colorado.   Some of the balloonists lower their balloons and just skim the waters to give onlookers a treat. Thousands of people have awakened early in the morning, pulled on their warm clothes, grabbed their children and of course their cameras,and a snack and if it is not a windy day, the balloonists are given the okay to rise.  With a whoosh of hot air they are up up up and away in their beautiful balloons. It is a "heavenly",sight and a great way to spend a couple of hours for free! Bring your lawn chairs and a friend or two for a spectacular event in the park.

"Chilly Beach"

oil on canvas board  9 x 12  5/3/11  SOLD

A coolish feeling on the beach with a bit of sun beginning to rise. The morning beach weather can be very breezy and chilly before old sol wakes everyone up.  It's a great time to take your big dog for a brisk walk and wear him out so you can go home, have your morning coffee and think about your workday.  Or not.

"3 Aspens"

4 x 6      oil on canvas board        5/21/11       $35.00

  Where else but Colorado! I love aspens. I love their leaves and their lacy beauty even though people say they are big weeds. Sure are pretty weeds!


 w/c on 140 lb paper      6/10/11        9 x 12   $65.00   2011

This was from a photo of huge amazing, strong, 
spiritual carved black stone statue at the Botanic
Gardens about 4 years ago. African carvers were
there, teaching how to carve in stone. I wonder what
lucky person purchased this statue?

#39 "Emergence"


6/9/11    1 1/2 x 20 x 20     acrylic on  gallery wrap canvas 
sold      20 x 20  prints available      $85.00

This is done in a watercolor style, all wet and washy and 

fun. I added lime greens, buttercup yellow, lavender, a few

 touches of coral and brilliant blue colors together on a wet

 canvas and using my spray bottle letting it float and do its

 own thing with just a few odd touches, it looks pretty in

 every direction. Does it say springtime to you?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Green Grapes in Wine Canister"

5 x 7  oil on canvas  11/11   sold  prints available  SOLD
The grapes look lyrical in this silver wine canister from Thailand.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


w/c on 140 lb Arches
portrait commission  12/10/11   8 x 10  sold
prints available    $35.00
This little puppy with her giant doggie bone is holding on tightly.  How could anyone want to take it away from her, anyway?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Little Pink Boots"

w/c on 140 lb Fabriano  14" x 29"  12/8/11  #300.00 unframed

Little girls love horses so much!  This painting was done from a photo sent to me by a friend.  To be in the fresh meadow, wearing pink boots, and laying on the back of her warm mare in the sunshine is a sweet everyday memory.