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Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Personally, Petunia"

11" x 14"   acrylic on canvas   $350.00

Voluptuous garnet petunias and a background of lemony yellow flutter naturally against the sky.  No escaping the opposites and the magical snowy edges.  This painting will be at Arati Gallery, in downtown Old Colorado City the month of September.  Try us out at the Art Walk on Friday September 7th, from 5-8 pm.  Food and beverage and camaraderie.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Soft Whiskers"

Watercolor and gauche  11" x 14"  $300.00 unframed

A loveable puppy gazing at the camera with that quizzical look which is packed with trust and soul. It is a look that says "love me" .
And truly how cold you not love this baby face with the soft whiskers and floppy ears?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

1940 Posing For the New Camera

15" x15"  watercolor unframed   $250.00

I found this old black and white photo of my aunt and cousin. It is so lovely.I wondered what color the clothing was and what the hair looked like. The photo was rather dark so I lightened it up in my mind and had a lot of fun creating an old fashioned look. I am enamored with babies and moms. Dads too. I have never figured out why, but they are my utmost favorite.


Cotemplative Hand Study

11" x 14"  watercolor   300# Arches paper unframed  $250.00

This is a painting of a beautiful dancer in a quiet moment, working out a hand movement for her ballet.
 I am showing the development of my watercolor so that you can see how layers and layers of color are applied to get the nearly finished product.  Beginning with the bottom photo, I splattered masking after the first layer.  It is important to see that a window of sorts was applied after the first layer.  I liked it but did not want the painting to be too pastel, so subsequent layers of opposite colors were applied in the background to give a feeling of opulence.  Lastly I applied some spots a la Ted Nuttall.  Which layer do you prefer?
I always think the first layer is magical.