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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Winding Stream on Colorado Highway 131

16" x 20"  oil on canvas  $600.00

While returning from a fun camping trip at Trapper's Lake, we had a blowout!  Yikes!  This beautiful scene was beside us where we stopped and the man who lived directly across the road on a 17,0000 acre ranch came over to help us.  He was really strong and sooo kind.!  He took the spare tire from our car and replaced the blow out in no time.  I do think I saw some wings on his back! 
We followed him to his football field sized "garage" to put air in the spare tire and that was another adventure.  He was one of those gentle and interesting characters that you only read about in books.  In the huge garage were stalls  for horses and cows, a huge wood workshop, several vehicles and a float.  How could we thank him?  
He did not want money.  He was just a good Samaritan and we were fortunate to meet him.
I may have to send him a painting of the ranch, eh?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sea Path

16" x 20"  oil on canvas  $600.00

Sea Path is painted in the footsteps of Vicki McMurray.  The colors are scrumptious  and the palette knife has skipped across the pre painted brown landscape.  This was a really fun painting because it is so bright and zig zaggy.  Rich golds and deep neutral greens  play off the pinks and mauves.  Thanks Vicki for your simple instructions.  I am off and running now, mixing an awesome palette way before I lay any of it down has made all the difference!  Way fun!