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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mr. Rabbit 3

8" x 10"  watercolor   sold

Mr. Rabbit is a ball of fluff sitting in the sunset.  The golden colors wash over him, and the purple shadows surround him softly.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Betsy's Sunflower

7" x 10.5"   watercolor    SOLD   

Betsy came to my class today and we both painted her beautiful sunflower.  I loved the lyrical intensity of this flower.  Thank you Betsy!  My own sunflowers are taking their sweet time, but at least there are succulent evenly designed buds on top of the giant stalks and leaves.  I can be patient.  Of course that is the good thing about nature. We have no choice but to be patient, for the fruit comes when it decides to come.  Now if I could learn this with other parts of my life.  Buy at auction on daily

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dove For My Love

11" x 7"  watercolor  $50.00

In scripture a dove descends on Jesus during his baptism.  I have had a dove pass before me a couple of times.  Once when my mother passed away, and once when I needed reassurance.  So I wanted to dedicate this dove to my hubby.  He always take good care of me and his family, and he loves me.  Also to the children that we love so much.  They are the pride and joy of our lives.  And then to our grandchildren who carry the Kennedy legacy.  OMG we love them sooooo much!  Maybe they carry our burdens, but they also carry our faith, which is so much more important.
We could not take one breath without our Savior, the Holy Spirit!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Old Car Chuggin' Along

16" x 20"  oil on canvas  $400.00

Taking a ride on an old dirt road in the beautiful Colorado scenery in the days of old flivers was a treat.  Gas was cheap, roads were bumpy, and exhaust was not measured, but the allure of discovering great beauty in the good old summertime was difficult to ignore.  You can almost see the fishing poles and flies being cast after they reach Trapper's Lake.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prize Rooster

12" x 20"  watercolor   $125.00

When we lived in Scotland, one of my neighbors was showing me her prize roosters and chickens.  I cannot remember the type this one was, but he was gorgeous, and when she told him to "get up there" in her wonderful brogue, he just hopped up on the bench!  I was really surprised, but delighted to have such a "cocky" bird to photograph.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Krystal and the Carousel

11" x 14'     acrylic       SOLD

Krystal was little and just about 4 years old when she was riding this carousel with white horses and glittering lights and up and down music.
My grandkids are adventurous, talented, and beautiful inside and out, but as you can see this small one was a little bit afraid.  Her huge brown eyes were twice as big as usual and she was holding tightly to the brass pole.  
It was at once a thrilling ride and and a gripping ride.  When she was finished she wanted to know which horse won, and if she could ride again.  Ahhh the first thrills and chills.