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Saturday, September 29, 2012

"The Eighth Day"

6" x 8" On The Eighth Day" SOLD

The eighth day in Jewish history is a new beginning.    I am enamored with the idea of newness.  New creations, starting over, change.  
We are mostly reluctant to change as we get older.  We are tired  not wanting to be challenged to learn.  Why not?  As a small winged creature is desirous of flight,  we need to be desirous of making all things new.  Christ makes all things new every day.  New cells, new plants, new species, etc.  Ancient is exciting, and is history, but new is full of hope.  We can be examples to our children who are like robins, leaping from the nest into the world.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Sharecropper's Wife"

12" x 24"  watercolor framed and matted  $525.00

My favorite woman. She is a good woman who works hard everyday to help her husband and family.

She is a mother, age 27. 
She is tired and could use a good back rub, and it is only  noon.  She must return to the fields after a refreshing cup of cold water from the cistern. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

"Sky Feathering"

13" x 21"  watercolor framed and matted  $400.00

Feathers have always fascinated me. Imagine how God put them together so perfectly in myriad colors and sizes and  distinct divisions that cause a bird to take flight.  Feathers cover the whole body and keeps them warm even though their bones and legs are so thin.  Wonder of wonders to me, who knows nothing about ornithology.  Imagine a world without birds!  I cannot.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"A Naturally Beautiful Colorado Garden"

12" x 12"  oil on deep canvas   $200.00

On Monday before my demo everything was perfect.  Sunshine, light and shadow, and ....oops...I forgot my paper towels and my paints.  What to do? There was a nice sturdy flat rock to put my pallet on which did have some paints leftover and I did have some thinner, so I decided it was enough to capture the essence in a loose manner.  Boy it was hot!  Later after returning home I finished the painting with a good photo.  You cannot beat Colorado for beauty!

my photo reference  August 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Overcast Day at Garden of the Gods"

12" x 12"  oil on deep canvas  $130.00

The plan was to execute a demo at a paintout in the Garden for a group of 18 women.  However we all hurried into the Visitor Center across the road for refuge from the pouring rain and a quick overview.  The visitor Center allowed us to huddle and then rearrange ourselves until noon in the dining area where we had a perfect but foggy view of the Garden.  After the demo, some folks moved on to Miramont Castle to paint indoors. Eight hardy souls put on raincoats and brought their equipment out under the eaves of the Visitor Center where we painted for another couple of hours.  Smiling faces and fantastic paintings ensued.  I wish I had the photos of all of the paintings.  I did get the 8 ladies, however! We all later met up with the rest of the group and I painted a portrait demo for everyone.  We were all pretty exhausted afterward, and happy!

okay so I embellished it a bit!  Had to get the composition correct!

 See the cool relection in the window?
 Everyone was so accomodating!
 Blue is her color!  And several others as well.
 By the lower front entrance.  
 Let's get serious!
 I'm not too cold!  Just my fingers.
I think I will just watch.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Italian Forest"

4" x 10"  oil on canvas  SOLD

 Cool and sultry, hilly and colorful, with trees spires pointed to the sky.  The feeling of Italy, the atmosphere of shape and desire, and the farewell of leaving this amazing place in our world never to be forgotten.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Bistro Poulbot, Paris"

8" x 8"  oil on canvas  SOLD

.00A sweet tiny bistro with remarkable ambiance and great eats.  
I have taken some leverage with this flowery, delightful building to balance it for greater composition.  It has been recognized as one of the off beat place to visit in travelers books and they were not incorrect.
Do you recognize it?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Romeo and Juliet Were Here"

12" x 12" oil on 1" canvas w/ sides painted yellow  Gifted to the Opera League

My loose interpretation of similar scenes all over Colorado.  The graceful golden sunlit leaves in Autumn, when blown by the wind, make a clapping sound similar to rain.  It is very pleasant and musical.  Look for the initials of  the lovers, Romeo and Juliet! Wonder how they snuck away to Colorado?  Imagine that you see them tiptoeing through the foliage!