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Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Overcast Day at Garden of the Gods"

12" x 12"  oil on deep canvas  $130.00

The plan was to execute a demo at a paintout in the Garden for a group of 18 women.  However we all hurried into the Visitor Center across the road for refuge from the pouring rain and a quick overview.  The visitor Center allowed us to huddle and then rearrange ourselves until noon in the dining area where we had a perfect but foggy view of the Garden.  After the demo, some folks moved on to Miramont Castle to paint indoors. Eight hardy souls put on raincoats and brought their equipment out under the eaves of the Visitor Center where we painted for another couple of hours.  Smiling faces and fantastic paintings ensued.  I wish I had the photos of all of the paintings.  I did get the 8 ladies, however! We all later met up with the rest of the group and I painted a portrait demo for everyone.  We were all pretty exhausted afterward, and happy!

okay so I embellished it a bit!  Had to get the composition correct!

 See the cool relection in the window?
 Everyone was so accomodating!
 Blue is her color!  And several others as well.
 By the lower front entrance.  
 Let's get serious!
 I'm not too cold!  Just my fingers.
I think I will just watch.

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