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Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Self Prtrait

8" x 8"    oil on canvas     $49.00

I belong to Arati Artists Gallery in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We are challenged to a Self Portrait show this month. All of us are making portraits of ourselves for the window.  It is much more difficult than painting someone else, but the show is delightful with glass portraits, clay portraits, watercolor portraits, etc.  I painted my portrait, without wrinkles.   Ha!  I think it is pretty true anyway since I am a happy colorful person who has always loved life and people.  I am a natural encourager and I love getting a good likeness, but more than that I love painting the character of a person or animal. 

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Patsy Muir Ray said...

Very, very nice, Reveille! I want to see this and all the portraits of all the artists at Arati.