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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bright Forest

4" x 12" each on deep canvas    oil    $99.00 each or al three for $250.00

A happy salute to all my friends!  Stand tall and raise your arms in the air and breathe the freshness of fall, floating leaves and kids jumping in crunchy piles of earthy gold.  

This year my tulips are planted and covered with chicken wire so that they don't become squirrel food and I am hopeful that they will bring Springtime joy in 2014.  Can you believe it?  

 These happy paintings are covered with heavy oil paint and slightly abstract because you cannot really decipher a leaf!  However you get the idea of warmth at the end of October.  I love my aspen trees so much with their gorgeous paper bark, scarred,  as of someone came by with a charcoal stick and scribbled on them.  Do you think it was the mysterious"Banksy"?  

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