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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Delta's Legacy of Orchards

16" x 24"  oil on canvas  $450.00

When I visit my brother in Cedar Edge, Colorado, near Delta, on the Western Slope,  I get all nostalgic.  My Mom and Dad and my brother and his family moved there in the 80's.  My Dad was a builder and wanted to build his home there, but instead got multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer) and was never able to fulfill his dreams.  Instead he remodeled a nice trailer home, knocking out walls and building a carport and back porch before he passed away.  So Mom lived there for about 9 more years until she passed away.  The countryside was so lovely, especially in the Spring and Mom wrote poetry about the scenery, the people, the  animals, the cares and woes.  There are still many apple orchards and peaches in the area and it is abundant with natural peace.
Make certain you purchase some fresh picked peaches there.  

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