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Friday, November 16, 2012

"Fly In and Relax"

11" x 14"  watercolor on Fabriano  $185.00 matted and framed

This day was a miracle day.  Sister Margaret and I flew in to this magical island in Alaska and were left for the day with a motor boat, some life vests and fishing poles.  We brought our food, and there was a cabin with canned goods.  We giggled, struggling how to start the motor boat, then chugged down the edge of the island until we hit a sand bar.  There we stopped and thanked God for the fun, friendship and absolute solitary beauty.  Sister Margaret died of cancer the next year.  She was friend to so many from the homeless, new mommies,  the frail, and to me.  I am such a lucky girl that she loved me too with a giant happy smile always.

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