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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Aspens Triptych" prints

#1             #2              #3
prints are available in one long print of 21 x 40 for $150.00
or separate prints of 21 x 13.5 for $65.00 each

Contact me if you would like a print of only one of the
The triptyche prints will be available in smaller sizes on demand and take about 10 days to print and send.

The original 28" x 54" aspen paintings are sold for $1500.00.
 I will be happy to paint more similar paintings if you contact me.   I can also paint them in one long panel lengthwise.
They are at once serene and peaceful yet also dramatic and stunning.  I am  wondering if a snowy owl or a snowshoe bunny would be appropriate in these woods?  

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