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Monday, July 4, 2011

Jack the Musician finished

w/c on 140 lb Arches paper  ‎11 x14   7/3/11   SOLD

 This painting is now finished. The wonderful thing about painting peoples faces is that while you are painting, if you know the person well, you remember times spent with them and how they grew up, their strengths, their soft spots, their joys and sorrows and it is kind of like prayer. You always desire the best for them in every circumstance and ask God to protect their minds and bodies and relationships. You want them to have a really good and honest and loving joyful life. Every person has value whether you know them or not.
 To finish this painting....1.  The face had several more layers of the same colors I used the first time. ie:2. Begin with a clear wash, add lemon yellow, then a thin wash of pyrol red, then cyan blue.  Let dry, then add another layer.  Check it after it is dry so that you can assess whether it needs another layer.   3.  Define the eyes, making sure there is a shadow under thetop  lid.4 Define the mouth, ear, pony tail and hat. making sure not to touch the white paper.5.Paint in the background using burnt umber and raw umber violet, and amethyst for the slats of the porch.  Use as many layers as necessary and dry between layers.  6.  For the sky use cyan and burnt umber wet in wet.

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