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Sunday, June 5, 2011


watercolor on 140 lb archces paper
$175.00 framed and matted

Golden winter bushes with blue shadows behind the tree and rocks, muted trees in backlit shadow. The twin towers are also muted at the back of the park  The grayish sky is all this painting needed to be a fading memory.

Let's Stop and Look Over the Edge"
$150.00  unframed
 pastel 6/2/11, 11 x 14. I have heard that there are no shadows in heaven, and yet an artist depends on them for depth and of course color. I imagine heaven like a butterfly wing or a clean fresh child's face. No need for shadow there! 
Just purity. These rugged rusty rocks are filled with jigs, jags, rough texture and very colorful slubbed shadows. They are weathered and full of secrets of age.

"Lean on Me"
5 x 7 acrylic  $45.00

6/5/11  Grapefruit and lemons are colorful, good for you and yummy too.  Gobble them up with gusto, put them in your drinks, your salads, and make sure you have some citrus with breakfast.  My mouth is watering!

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